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The tours feature lively interviews and music with the rush of wind and the chirps, howls, and growls of wildlife, all downloadable to a computer or an mp3 player.

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Wildflower Guide

This wildflower photo guide is intended to help you identify the wildflowers that you may see in Mount Diablo State Park throughout the blooming season. The wildflowers are categorized by color.

Select a color category below. The common names of the plants are in alphabetical order. Some plants are known by more than one common name, so be sure to scroll down the list if you are seeking a specific name.

White or other lighted colored wildflowers

Yellow/orange wildflowers

Red/pink wildflowers

Blue/purple wildflowers

Green wildflowers

What's Blooming now on Mount Diablo
  48   Updated on 2/18/2017
White/Cream Date Yellow/Orange Date Red/Pink Date Blue/Purple Date
Big Berry Manzanita 11/26 California Bay 12/15 Brewer's Rockcress 2/14 Baby Blue Eyes 2/11
Buck Brush 2/6 California Buttercup 2/8 Chapparal Currant 12/10 Black Sage 2/6
Bunch-Flowered Narcissus 12/15 California Poppy 1/25 Coast Silk Tassel 1/24 Blue Dicks 2/6
California Saxifrage 2/6 Common Groundsel 2/6 Dove Foot Geranium 2/5 Blue Witch Nightshade 1/15
Common Chickweed 2/6 Fiddleneck 2/5 Fuchsia-Flowered Gooseberry 2/3 Blue-Eyed Grass 2/11
Common Milkmaids 12/24 Great Valley Gumplant 2/4 Indian Warrior 1/28 Hound's Tongue 1/28
Common Peppergrass 2/11 Lace Parsnip (Lomatium) 1/28 Mt. Diablo Manzanita 1/6 Spreading Larkspur 2/6
Contra Costa Manzanita 1/24 Mountain Violet 2/13 Red Larkspur 2/11
Manroot 1/20 Mt Diablo Sunflower 2/4 Red Maids 2/11
Miner's Lettuce 1/15 Mustard Species 1/1 Red-Stem Filaree 2/11
Popcorn Flower 2/11 Narrow Leaf Bush Sunflower 2/1 Shooting Star 2/6
Sheep Parsnip 2/11 Poison Oak 2/10 Woolly Paintbrush 12/22
Shepherd's Purse 1/15 Poison Sanicle 2/6
Yerba Santa 2/6 Sacramento Valley Buttercup 1/1
Western Wallflower 1/13